Parent Technology Support Center

St. Vrain Valley Schools is committed to providing high levels of technology support for families as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic and online learning. Below are a number of resources that have been developed to support families in accessing your student's virtual classroom and online learning environment.

Your school can provide help in basic technology support including exchanging a device that is damaged or reporting a lost iPad, please see your school website or call your school for assistance.

iPads and Learning Devices

All students in the grades K-12 will be provided with an iPad to support learning at home and school. This includes students who are enrolled in the LaunchED Virtual Academy. For students who are enrolled in a charter school, please contact your school for information about technology access.

If you have not received an iPad and would like to request a device, please contact your school directly.

Internet Access

To support student learning and access to the internet at home, several options are available to families. For more information or assistance applying for these programs, please contact your child’s school.

  • District WiFi Areas

    To support student learning and access to the internet during school closures due to the coronavirus health crisis, St. Vrain Valley Schools has created community WiFi hotspots. Location information can be found on the district website here. Look for either SVVSD or SVVSD-guest wireless on your device. To connect to the SVVSD wireless network, you will be required to enter a district username and password.

  • Additional Internet Access Programs

    Families without internet access at home who qualify can also apply for assistance to help cover the cost. Your school office can give you more information on the following options:

    • Nextlight: For families living in Longmont, the City of Longmont’s Sharing the NextLight program provides a free NextLight connection to qualifying low-income families in the St. Vrain Valley School District. Call 303-774-4494 or click here to learn more and apply for the program.
    • Comcast (Xfinity) Internet Essentials: Comcast Internet Essentials provides $10 per month access for qualifying families who live in an area served by the company. Call 1-855-846-8376 or click here to learn more.
    • T-Mobile Hotspot loaner program: St. Vrain Valley Schools has a limited number of T-Mobile hotspots are available at no cost to qualifying families served by the McKinney-Vento program or others for whom a broadband connection is not an option. Contact your school for more information.

    Families Outside the Longmont Area

    • Lyons – Lyons Communications offers $10 off their plans, which range in price from $20 – $75/month to qualifying families. Call 303-823-5656 or visit for more information.
    • Mead – TDS offers internet service to the Mead area. While TDS does not offer a low-cost option directly, qualifying families may be eligible for a federal benefit to offset costs through Lifeline. More information about Lifeline is available here.

  • Financial Assistance for Internet Access

    St. Vrain’s Education Foundation is working with schools to provide financial assistance in covering the cost of internet access for qualifying families. Please contact your school for more information.


Webex is our district’s tool used for virtual meetings and instruction, and is the tool your student will use to access their live, synchronous instruction.


Schoology is our district-wide Learning Management System (LMS) that is used by students in grades 4-12. It allows teachers and students to create and interact with content, submit assignments, communicate, and much more.


Seesaw is a platform for learning engagement that allows students to create, reflect, share, and collaborate. In St. Vrain, Seesaw is the primary tool for sharing content with Pre-K through third grade.

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is our district’s student information system (SIS). It stores all official student data, including attendance, grades, and household information, as well as contact preferences and other important information related to your student.
Click here for an introduction to Infinite Campus for parents.