Students with Disabilities

To help our families of students with disabilities plan for the fall of 2020-2021 school year, we want to offer some insight into how our special education department is approaching service delivery for our students on IEPs.

During the time of remote learning, special education services will be provided through a virtual setting. Your child’s case manager will set up a phone call with you prior to August 18, 2020 to review all of the logistics of when services will be provided as outlined in your child’s individual education plan (IEP).

Should you have any questions, please reach out to the staff member below based on what feeder in which your child attends school.

Laura Hess
Executive Director of Special Education
(720) 652-8218

Kate Green
Principal of Main Street School
(303) 678-5662

Erica Bowman
Silver Creek and Skyline Feeders
(303) 702-7860 

Laura Gold
Erie Feeder 
(303 )702-7858

Emily Scott
Longmont and Mead Feeders
(303 )702-7847

Mari Stevenson
Lyons and Niwot Feeder
(303) 702-7824

Gina Trujillo
Frederick Feeder 
(303) 702-7816