Innovation Center & Career Development Center

Students scheduled to attend classes at the Innovation Center or the Career Development Center (CDC) will use the High School schedule for in-person and remote learning.

On days students are scheduled for in-person learning, they will attend their Innovation Center or CDC class in-person. On days students are scheduled to be at home, they are expected to login to classes via webex and participate remotely in live online learning.

  • Transportation services will continue to be provided for Innovation Center and CDC students on the days they are scheduled for in-person learning. Students can also transport themselves to their Innovation Center or CDC classes on their scheduled in-person days. Students will need to confirm that they plan to use district transportation for Innovation Center and Career Development Center courses by registering at
  • Students will enter our buildings at designated entrances to limit interaction with others as much as possible. Upon arrival, students will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.
  • Students will be dismissed at exits in a way that keeps students separated as much as possible and dismissal times may be staggered when needed to maintain social distancing.
  • In keeping with health official expectations, students must bring a cloth mask to school daily and expect to wear it as they enter the school and at other times throughout the day. In order to minimize close contact with other students, there will be directional arrows in hallways to help guide students. As much as possible, students will stay to the right in hallways and use the directional arrows to keep traffic flowing.
  • Many Innovation Center and CDC courses require the use of specialized equipment. Students will continue to access this equipment as it is a critical component of the curriculum and certification process for many of our courses. Equipment will be sanitized between classes and our school will have increased deep cleaning each evening. Students may be asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer prior to using equipment. Also, students may be asked to use gloves periodically, to maximize instructional time using this equipment.

Innovation Center and CDC Transportation Registration